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The Doctor frowned, watching the young boy. He glanced back at what he had been doing. “Really? I….I have to say. That’s brilliant but a bit advanced for technology in this era. You’re a genius.” He commented to the young man. Of course, with that watch, the Doctor knew why. “What sort of power source do you need?”

"Genius? I suppose." Alan replied, feeling rather reluctant about that word, though he wasn’t sure why. After staring at the pair of goggles for a moment, considering his words then deciding to move on to thinking of a power source, the lad shrugged, "I dunno. I didn’t really build it to accommodate any specific power. I made it awhile ago after all, and batteries were the only power source I was good at building." he explained, looking up at the other. He was starting to think Davey might have just forgotten about returning, "Why do ya ask?"

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"The presents are under the tree!"

"All of ‘em?"

"Yup. Dads too."

"Great! I got the turkey and pie warmed up."

"Can we open presents?"

"What? No it’s still an hour til christmas."


"Can we just eat dinner already?"

Merry Christmas.


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The Doctor sat there watching as the boy took out a few things here and there. He frowned  looking at it all. “Well, it doesn’t look that bad.” He looked it over before grinning a bit. “Actually reminds me of an old school mate of mine, he’d…..make things like that.” 

A small grin appeared on his lips as he thought back to his friend who would make things like that before shaking his head. He looked it over, taking out his glasses and putting them on to get a better look. “What do you mean….?” He asked, eyebrow raised. 

After fiddling slightly with the side controls while wearing the goggles, Alan turned them on, immediately illuminating a red light. “These can sorta help you see the particles in the air, and temperature too. It looks cool if there’s smoke.” He explained, but soon the goggles flickered and went out, and he took them off, “I can’t keep it on though, not a good enough power source. Batteries work for awhile but they can get burned badly if you’re not careful, and they aren’t enough power for more than a few seconds anyway.” he explained, placing the goggles on the table.

"I bet your friend was fun." He noted rather gleefully.

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"I do wish Dad would get home sooner."

"It’s getting annoying making lunch for Davey everyday. There’s only so much grilled cheese I can stand making… Five more minutes…"


Lonely Alan.

*tap.. tap… tap..*

*dying whale noise*

"I’m booooored…

…may as well go into town…”

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That morning. ~Nicholas—Benson


 Nick smiled and narrowed his eyes at the lad for a moment, liking his moxie and his abrasiveness. He could tell that there was something different about the lad, but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was. He just knew that for some reason, even though he said he was tough and could handle himself, Nick still felt the need to look out for him. Like he would a kid brother, so that’s what he decided to do. 

“Mmhmm, if that’s what you want to do, Alan, I don’t see why we can’t. Let’s see if we can find a nice abandoned building around here and climb up the back stairs to a rooftop,” Nick said, as he stood up from the park bench and scanned around them for a minute. He laughed when he saw a building to their right, just down the lane that looked quite abandoned, so he motioned for the lad to follow him. 

“Come on then, lad, there’s a nice tall building just down the lane here, and it looks as if it’s really quite abandoned. I don’t think the coppers patrol this area too much, and even if they do, we’re not doing anything wrong. We’re just sitting on top of a building looking out over the City.” 

Nick grabbed Alan’s arm and moved him swiftly down the still crowded lane, shoving aside another drunk and rowdy bunch who got in their path again. He looked around to see if there were any police lingering about, and when he saw the coast was clear, he opened the back door of the building and moved them up the rickety stairs to the very top floor. 

Once up there, Nick was pleasantly surprised how beautiful and breathtaking London looked from so high up, especially at night. “Wow! This is really awesome, Alan. I think I can see my block of flats on Notting Hill from here. This what you wanted, lad? Is this up high enough for you?” 

Alan was rather clueless with the man’s kindness, even more so unaware of his intentions that would ultimately keep him safer than he already was. A very ignorant and clueless lad, which is ironic considering his intelligence. Or perhaps book smarts, since he seemed rather clueless when it actually came down to life experience. It made sense in a good sort of way, meant that he had not experienced a lot of the bad things in life yet.

At least, that’s what he portrayed and what seemed to be. The truth could be no different; though it meant his way of handling anything was off.

"Sweet!" The boy exclaimed as he gladly followed Nick to the chosen building. He would’ve had a building to recommend, one completely from memory, but the suggestion was good and he didn’t quite want to suggest or lead. Following others is not something he was used to, and he hardly wanted to complain.

Not letting himself be bothered by the crowds and keeping a tight hold of his older friends hand, they seemed to arrive with little to no trouble, with Alan double checking for any authorities that wouldn’t quite tolerate their harmless trespassing. Upon seeing the stairs, the lad ran straight up them, with the energy that only a child bore, for some reason, and soon they arrived at the top.

The sight was a marvelous one, just as Alan predicted, and he seemed to react as if he’s seen this many times before, which was true. But it wasn’t too often an event, as he’d usually have his little brother with him, and he’d end up tiring before reaching the rooftop. “This is spectacular! Hehe, I wish I could see my house from here… Yea, this is perfect Nick.”

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"…." *sneeze*" "………" *SNEEZE*"
"I’m starting to think that Davey dragged a rabbit inside of the house… *SNEEZE*"
"Hi there fella! Thanks for followin’ my blog."

"Hi there fella! Thanks for followin’ my blog."


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As Davey looked at Alan, he rolled his eyes in such a.. familiar way. He’s often seen his brother chase after some knowledge, or ask more questions that would result in people explaining themselves more. His older sibling never let details escape his understanding… and to a young ten year old, it was quite annoying.

But Alan still wanted to know, he practically wanted to investigate. The lad never forgot the fact that there was an alien sitting right next to them, and though they visited a planet entirely made out of mini golf games, the more extraudinary thing was the life form that looked so similar but must’ve been so different. “Ohh, your home planet? It has a nice name.” He noted, “Are yo-“

“Alan! Um, where is the… stuff?” Davey abruptly insulted, something different apparently popping up in the boy’s mind as Alan looked over.

“Now? Yeah it’s in the bathroom, I put it on a lower shelf so you can get it.”

He sat there waiting for the kid to give him some sort of answer. He absently munched on a smore, watching as the younger cut off his older brother. He just kept munching and smiled a bit, not sure what to say and just decided to sit there. 

As Davey went off to get god knows what, combined with a few distinct crashes of pots and pans (apparently Davey was being clumsy about pulling stuff out of the drawer), Alan stood to walk simply to the corner of the room, easy view of the Doctor’s seat. After pulling out a few old DVD’s, he found a pair of strange looking goggles, with multiple lenses, wires that transferred light, and a lot of duct tape, “Heheh, dunno why this is here… but this is freaky looking, eh?” he murmured for mild conversation, slipping them on and cocking his head toward the doctor, resembling that of a strange bug, “Shame I can’t get it to work for very long though.”

Several feet away from them, leaning against a wall, the doll had strangely moved to the indistinct spot, easily unnoticeable but obviously in the wrong place… didn’t Alan put it back in his room?

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